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& Store Platform

NFT Marketplace & Store platform for easy and quick creation of NFT projects.
Curated Collections

Our selection of exclusive NFTs

Explore exclusive NFTs with super convenience in collection discovery and curation.

Discover a powerful
NFT platform

Multi Format

You can create and trade NFTs (2D, 3D, video, etc.) in different file formats easily.


Hardened security, secured transactions, and multi-sig wallet for all crypto users.


NFT issuance, self-token issuance, and trading allow for high scalability.

Multi Payment

When paying for NFT purchases, not only cryptocurrencies but also credit cards and simple payments are available.


Usable as a marketing tool for opening an independent NFT store for free.

Low Cost

No burden when issuing and trading NFT with gas fee close to “0”.

5 years of forging
intuitive web3 experiences

More Cost Effective
Low Gas Fees
Faster Ramp-up

Zero Fee Setup

Create and independently operate NFT stores free-of-charge. Change domain names, make infinite NFT collections, and allow multiple store admins for effortless management.

Multi Payment Methods

Allow multiple payment types such as coin and credit card transactions.

All In One App Management

Sign up and log in with an existing Google account or WalletConnect. WalletConnect links virtual assets purchased on DIGIGOOZ to the GURUFIN Wallet.

Close-to-Zero Gas Fees

DIGIGOOZ offers one of the lowest gas fees $0.0000064, unlike most platforms.
Brand companies can easily and conveniently create brand stores to issue and sell products and services as NFTs at no cost.
  • Create an independent store
  • Domain can be changed
  • Create infinite collection of NFTs
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Store, Trade, Sell

NFTs all on our app
Manage your NFTs easily with DIGIGOOZ! Access all purchases in your GURUFIN Wallet, share with friends, and post on social media hassle-free!
Frequently Asked Questions

Some things you may want to know

Feel free to ask us any other questions!

DIGIGOOZ's Brand Store provides an NFT platform for companies to manage digital assets, including the NFT+ model merging physical products with digital ownership. Customers receive an access code for digital ownership. 

Additionally, DIGIGOOZ operates an NFT Marketplace facilitating direct transactions between individuals. Users can register and sell NFTs upon joining, with the marketplace supporting transactions from the Brand Store and enabling peer-to-peer exchanges for digital asset trade.

After creating an NFT collection through “DIGIGOOZ NFT marketplace”, you can register your digital creations (pictures, sound sources, videos, etc.) as NFTs and post sales. In addition, NFTs (including NFT+) purchased through the “Brand Store” can be resold on the DIGIGOOZ marketplace.

When you sign up for membership, a Guru wallet that can contain NFTs is automatically created, you can purchase NFTs by paying with credit card, carrier billing and GURUX.

GURUX is a cash token issued by GURUFIN for payment.

When an NFT is sold on the DIGIGOOZ NFT marketplace, payment is made immediately in GURUX regardless of the buyer’s payment method, and the received GURUX can be converted into GURU through the GURUFIN Wallet and cashed through the virtual asset exchange.

It is a multi-wallet for members that manages tokens (GURU, GURUX, and NFTs) issued by GuruFin. It supports 5 languages (English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese), and multi-sig security technology is applied so that members can keep their GURU, GURUX, NFT safely. In addition, various functions are provided.

a store
Partner with DIGIGOOZ to operate your store, provided free of charge.
Mint and sell your NFTs at a low price using our platform service.
an NFT
Anyone and everyone can participate. Login with an Existing Google account or WalletConnect then purchase NFTs via credit card, carrier billing, and GURUX.
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